MissImp in Action – Friday 25th May

Hot Damn – Improv Heatwave!

Nobody knows what’s going to happen at this Friday’s show but we are pretty certain there will be more laughs than at any “comedy” movie you can see at the local multiplex… plus MissImp In Action is a hell of a lot easier on your pocket too.  Less than the price of a cinema ticket – and way more entertainment.

Get yourself to The Glee Club on Castle Wharf, Nottingham this Friday when doors will open at 8.00pm and close at 8.15pm. We advise grabbing a beer at the bar downstairs first – that’s open from 7pm onwards (and it does great food).

Tickets are £6 on the door or just £4.50 when you book online now (online booking discount ends at 4pm on Friday and NUS/IVC card holders only pay £3).

Taking your suggestions and turning them into bizarre, silly and hilarious scenes this month are Brendan, David, Lloydie, Marilyn, Nick and Trilly.  You can find out more about this month’s players here.

Treat yourself to some end of month comedy – and be part of the improv comedy explosion that’s happening around the UK in 2012

See you on Friday

Details and Booking Your Tickets Right Now

Book ahead for discounts (it’s worth it – £4.50 in advance online or £6 on the door).
Students always get in for £3 because you are special people.
Doors open at 8.00, close at 8.15 and the show kicks off at 8.30.
Book at at Glee.co.uk.

Expect more of this:

And maybe this:


Whaddaya think?

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