Vaudeville City – Saturday 2nd June

Music, Improv, Belly Dancing and Pirate Stories?

Yessir – this Saturday MissImp joins forces with DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show and Captain Pigheart for an evening of live entertainment.

In one room you get fantastic music of the bluesy, dark and frequently comic Americana variety courtesy of the Skiffle Show, check ’em out below. Plus MissImp (David, Martin and Nick in rare trio form), a tribal belly dancer (the lovely Beatrice Flowers) with pirate stories from Captain Pigheart, all compered by MissImp’s Nick Tyler. Marvellous. Did we mention that it’s FREE? No – well it is. And it’s at The Navigation, home of Annie’s Burger Shack (notoriously fine burgerage).

Vaudeville City
Saturday 2nd June
8.30pm-later that night
The Navigation
6 Wilford Street

Join the Facebook event here.

DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show

Captain Pigheart


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