Funny, inspirational, direct. I like it. Thanks to The Boiling Point for the great article:

The Boiling Point: A Journey in Comedy

Mick Napier is generally considered one of the best directorial minds in Chicago.  Second City often turns to him to run their shows.  The highest compliment I can pay him is that he knows what he’s talking about.

If you have not done so already, pick up a copy of his book, “Improvise.”  It’s $14, and most likely worth more than all those $250 classes you’re taking.

Mick recently sent out an e-mail to people affiliated with The Annoyance Theater.  I’ve blatantly copied and pasted it here because this information is worth sharing…

Next week is Second City’s general auditions. Over 500 people will be auditioning in 4 days. I will run a great many of these auditions, along with my friend Matthew Hovde. It’s one of the scariest auditions in the world, and it got me thinking about people I’ve known, and what it really takes to…

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