Without Planning Permission

A New Kind of Theatre Event

A new improvised show is coming to Nottingham next Friday featuring one of our finest improvisers – Marilyn Ann Bird. You’ll have seen her frequently on the stage at The Glee Club with MissImp in Action and now she’s performing with Fluxx Improvisation Company too!

This is a “new kind of theatre event, involving film, interactivity and performance”. It’s about citizenship, family, land…and how to survive in the big society. With  fantastic cast of improvisers from all over the UK including such splendid folk as our Marilyn and The Maydays’ Katy Schutte it promises comedy, interactivity and surprises.

“Without Planning Permission’ is one of two shows which the company currently has on tour. The Total Theatre magazine has described the production as ‘fascinating, involving, intriguing — all those things that you really want from theatre but don’t always get’.

Controversial Improv Show

Ashfield Council are have gotten themselves rather excited abut the show, describing it as controversial for containing sensitive religious and sexual themes. The show hasn’t been performed yet, so even the improvisers don’t know what the content is! Ashfield council don’t know what they’ll be missing.

You can see it while the show’s in Nottingham on Friday 20th July. It’s not a huge space so grab your tickets while you can!

Without Planning Permission

20 July 2012

The John Godber Centre
Ogle Street
NG15 7QF

Tickets £5/3 on door or 0115 9639633 to reserve

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