MissImp in Action – Friday 27th July

Flaming Hot Comedy on Friday

Wow, this unexpectedly delightful weather is certainly worth celebrating. You know what else is unexpected, and a great way to celebrate? The amazing live improvised comedy show we’re laying out for you this Friday at The Glee Club.

Your next MissImp show is so close you can taste it – only three days from now we’ll be bounding about at your direction. Get your random idea generator primed – the team are waiting for your bizarre ideas to inspire their sketches.

It’s an astonishing two hours of made-up-on-the-spot comedy and that stretched smile face can be yours for the laughable bargain advance price of £4.50. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be a student it’s the throat-cutting £3 tickets for you.

This month’s show is on Friday 27th July and you can book your tickets here.

Taking your suggestions and turning them into strange, smart and silly scenes this month are Martin, Trilly, James, Marilyn, Geoff, Nick and Trilly. Plus Nick is back as compere to sparkle and bounce all over the stage.

Details and Booking Your Tickets Right Now

Get yourself to The Glee Club on Castle Wharf, Nottingham this Friday when doors will open at 8.00pm and close at 8.15pm.
Book ahead for discounts (it’s worth it – £4.50 in advance online or £6 on the door). Students always get in for £3 because you are special people. We advise grabbing a beer at the bar downstairs first – that’s open from 7pm onwards (and it does great food).
Treat yourself to some end of month comedy – and be part of the improv comedy explosion that’s happening around the UK in 2012
See you on Friday.

Expect more of this:

And maybe this:


Whaddaya think?

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