MissImp Improv in the Nottingham Comedy Festival 2012

Nottingham Comedy Festival 2012

As usual MissImp are loading the improv guns of comedy for Nottingham. We have shows, workshops and spoken word for you to enjoy! Have a look at the fantastic entertainment on offer, get your tickets and enjoy. Also – a sneak preview of the month beyond…

Friday 21st September

MissImp In Action @ The Glee Club

We bring our regular monthly show foward a week to kickstart the festival. Gleeful high energy made up scenes and sketches. 8.15pm start tickets £6/3 (£4.50 in advance) – book now.

Saturday 22nd September

Little Imps @ Rushcliffe Leisure Centre

Improv comedy workshop for 8-12 year olds – awesome fun – read about it in the Evening Post. 9.30-11.30 am. £5, or get a free voucher here.

Longform Weekend Intensive @ 8 Stoney Street – FULL

A chance for experienced improvisers to work on longform skills both in terms of scene work and performance formats, led by Lloydie.

Monday 24th September

Pub Poetry – Open Mic Spoken Word @ The Canalhouse

A free open mic spoken word night of the strictly comic variety, hosted by Nick at a nice pub with good beer. 8pm start. All readers welcome – poetry, stories, songs… your own or karaoke style! NCF info.

Wednesday 26th September

MissImp in Action ~ Mission Improbable @ Create Theatre

Daring to venture into the fabulous new theatre at West Notts College – a high-kicking show full of the best of MissImp in Action and Consenting Partners. £5 7.30-9.30pm. NCF info.

Thursday 27th September

The Pirate Coves @ The Golden Fleece

Alright, it’s not an improv show, but it’s got Nick in Captain Pigheart mode telling pirate stories with sea shanties and hillbilly comic music. Free – 8pm. NCF Info.

Saturday 28th September

Little Imps @ Rushcliffe Leisure Centre

Improv comedy workshop for 8-12 year olds – awesome fun – read about it in the Evening Post. £5, or get a free voucher here.

Introduction to Improv Comedy @ Spanky Van Dykes

Ideal for anyone with a theatre, comedy or creative mind with a sense of fun – this is a full introduction to the wonders of improv, led by Nick. 1-4pm £10. Get yer tickets now. NCF info.

Coming Soon:

Teen Imps – starts 4th October
Consenting Partners – MissImp longform show, date TBC
Carnival of Monsters – 13-27th October
Oxjam Beeston – 20th October

Some folks for you to keep an eye on, and follow on Twitter/Facebook

Nottingham Comedy Festival: Twitter / Facebook / WebsiteOxjam Beeston: Twitter / Facebook / WebsiteCarnival of Monsters: Twitter / Facebook / WebsitePub Poetry: Facebook / Twitter (via Captain Pigheart) / Website

Don’t forget to listen to the MissImp podcast on iTunes or your preferred vehicle

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