Improv Jam: Thursday 20 September 2012

This week’s jam: Screw It And Do It – 1

This week’s jam is run by: Lloydie

Annoyance Theater


We will be playing with intention this week.  It’s all about what you bring into the scene.  If you get into your head, we’ll be getting you back out of it again.  We spend so much time concentrating on making sense in improv… and that’s the most boring part.  We’ll be shortcutting to the fun… because we all do it because it’s fun, right?

Many of these exercises are from or inspired by my week at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago earlier this year.  Some exercises will seem familiar and others may be new but be sure of one thing – there will be a LOT of playtime.

Thursday 20th September

7.30pm – 9.30pm
39 Stoney StHockley


Whaddaya think?

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