Get Consent To Come Out On Saturday Night

More MissImp silliness happens tomorrow night (Saturday 13th).  We’ve got a new format that we’ve only tried out once before in front of an audience of 7 people, 1 dog and a hat-stand.  The hat-stand ruddy loved it!  

Consenting Partners will see various pairings entertain you with improvised scenes tomorrow night at The City Gallery, Long Row in Nottingham (down little alley to the left of Primark and The Works).  It’s all two-person stuff.  Duos.  Partners in improvised daftness.  Tomorrow night is especially exciting as we have a guest partnership coming all the way up from “That London” to entertain you.

Project 2 is a two man improvised sci-fi which may or may not feature robots (it probably will have robots).  The men behind it are Chris Mead and Jonathan Monkhouse who are beloved on the London improv scene and who both studied at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago last July, along with MissImp’s very own Lloydie.  Speaking exclusively to MissImp, Lloydie said “When I found out Chris and Jonathan did a two man improvised sci-fi I immediately wanted to see it.  The only trouble is I’m way too lazy to go to London so I figured it would be beyond ace to have them appear in Nottingham.”

The show will also feature “Atomic Budgerigar” – a collaboration of Nick Tyler and Marilyn Bird from MissImp… and “Bagging Area” featuring Martin Findell and Lloydie from MissImp.

Come.  Enjoy the fun.  It’s only £3 and it starts at 7.30pm.  And there will be beer!

Whaddaya think?

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