Podcast: Susan Messing – Sweary And Superb

Podcast Alert!  There’s a new MissImp Improv Podcast featuring Susan Messing online NOW! Just click on the PODCAST tab above.

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Listen now: [audio http://missimp.receptionmedia.com/get.php?web=podcast-2012-10-16-50837.mp3]

There are some improv teachers who are consistently referred to as “legendary”.  This sort of status usually comes from considerable performing and teaching experience.  Susan Messing doesn’t just tick the boxes, she pretty much invented them and then put a filthy, dark doodle inside them.  She’s been a performer on The Second City mainstage in Chicago where she also now teaches.  She’s been a performer at iO in Chicago – and still performs there.  And she teaches there.  And she wrote the level 2 syllabus.  She was a founding member of the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago where she teaches and performs her highly acclaimed “Messing With A Friend” show.  If you open The Lonely Planet guide to Chicago it has a lot of listings for clubs and theatres on its comedy pages – however only one actual show gets mentioned in their whole guide to comedy… and you guessed it, it’s Susan’s show.

In July I was lucky enough to go to Chicago and learn from Susan.  I was one of five Brits in the class of 16 and we loved her so much we are arranging for her to come to the UK.  (By the way, two of those five Brits were Chris and Jonathan who played in our Consenting Partners show as “Project Two” at the weekend).

Also on the podcast you can hear Nick, Parky and me discussing various things we have learned from improv recently.  It’s quite the nerd-fest!


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