Improv: Jam-bo!

One our new MissImpers, Adi has started a blog of her improv learning experience – follow and enjoy!



Dear fellow humans!


I have decided to write and entertain (I hope!) you all about my experiences on my new, addictive endeavour, Improvisational Comedy.


Let me begin by introducing you to the concept of Improv.


It is a group of individuals acting, but with a difference. Acting as we know it has a script, a purpose, a plan, if you like. Improv is all about spontaneity, creativity and not knowing what is going to come out of your mouth! 


An improv session is called a jam, so the title of this blog, jam-bo, means ‘Hello!’ in swahili, as I am blessed to have Kenyan roots!


This is where the improv group, a group of very talented individuals work in pairs, or groups of three, to create beautiful scenes and stories, without any prompts, or cues, or rehearsals.


I joined the Miss Imp group (whom I…

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