The Almighty Improv Jam with Nickkkk Tyler! *insert manly host game-show voiceover here*

The continuing thoughts of a new improviser – on last week’s improv jam!


Dear humans,

Its that time of week again where I hope to entertain you all about my weekly jam!

It was a Thursday. The 25th October. A cold, ordinary and normal working day. Then the clock struck 7.30 and the madness was about to commence to redeem the day!!!

Madness this week was led by the King of Crazy himself, the mighty Nick Tyler.

Nick Tyler is a jammy fellow, calls himself a pirate (he writes Pirate Stories under the name of Captain Pigheart!) and has been improvising for many, many years. He plays Improv at Nottingham’s Glee Comedy Club, and
performs with his fellow jammy partner, the one and only Marilyn Bird. He also owns a (real) moustache that Johnny Depp would be proud of.

In this Thursday’s jam, Nick Parkhouse’s (another talented improviser in the MissImp group) daughter came to jam with us too, it was incredible…

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