Mission Improbable Historic Find

Whilst having a clear out and getting ready to move home, I came across this rare example of an early Miss Imp flyer

This show must have taken place around the turn of the century and featured me, Justin Gould, Andy Monk and Ade Kelly. From those early days with just 5 or 6 members the active membership is now around 25+ making us a comedy ‘tour de force’  in Nottingham.

Missimp is now around 15 years old, an impetuous teenager if ever there was one. The group just keeps getting bigger and better, as do the shows.  I’m the only member left from that early line up. Although many move on (Andy is busy impersonating Simon Cowell) it’s usually only because they left the area.

What has impressed me recently is the variety of branches that have grown and are still growing from the group. From musical improv to long form ‘Fisticuffs’ and experimental shows like ‘Consenting Partners’.  This gives the experienced or more enthusiastic members more chances to perform and specialise. Educational branches have been formed by Parky and Nick, namely Little Imps and Teen Imps. On-going training for the members is organised by Lloydie with beginner, intermediate and advanced improv courses. There have also been ad-hoc days and weekend specials over the years with guest instructors from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Germany. These all help to train the up and coming membership to be ready for a show.

Recently I have been visiting Birmingham for an informal small show one evening per month which they call ‘Bread and Circus’ – I believe this has something to do with “spectacle in the time of austerity”. This ‘anyone can play’ format is essentially a jam in a public space and forms the basis for our members party on the 6th December. I will be establishing this in 2013 as a monthly event in Nottingham. This will give more performance opportunities for all the membership and will allow our less experienced members some stage time in front of a small supportive audience.  Here’s to the next 15 years of MissImp / Mission Improbable
– Geoff

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