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What can I say… I have been quiet for a while now. Things have been incredibly busy, and left with no energy to write. Things are still incredibly busy, but the energy has returned,  so hurrah!

Since I have last written, Improv has pretty hijacked my non-professional life.  I have experienced improv on stage at the City Gallery in Nottingham, twice, once at our Miss Imp’s group Christmas Party, and last week, as Geoff Monk has geniusly implemented the idea of holding a once a month stage jam so Improvians can get the feel of performing. The stage is super small, but we use lighting, and James Dalby’s sound, so it is pretty fabulous.

Far from being nervous, I love stage.  I’m a bit sheepish if I make a mistake. But I have learned to embrace the mistake made, laugh and make a massive mockery of it, or try…

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