Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Our beloved Trilly may have vanished to the Big Smoke, but he blogs on… read his words of improv wisdom!

Pseudocomic / Being Funny Doesn't Pay (Me)

I’ve just had my first workshop with Mark Beltzman, and one of the notes I got from him immediately gave me a clearer perspective one of my most personally irritating improv habits – trying too hard. 

I’m of the opinion that the most entertaining scenes often have an unforced, unhurried and organic feel to them. But when you’re on the spot, there seem to be a million and one different reasons and ways to contrive unnecessary details, bits of exposition or clever things to say – pushing the scene into more personally comfortable territory. Although it seems reasonable enough, in longform particularly this approach is as difficult to make work as it is ultimately futile. I think it’s primarily based on a fear of floundering.

I was a poor swimmer as a child (and probably a not a great deal better now). In particular, I remember how I felt…

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