Making improv easy on yourself – great workshop on 17th March

If you’ve been to the workshops conducted by Heather and Joe from The Maydays or ever seen the group perform you’ll know that, like us, they are into improv in a big way.  Also, like us, they often have big name international trainers visit from all around the world to enhance their improv skills.  And, like us, they believe in sharing the improv love around.

I’m delighted to announce that Jules Munns from The Maydays is doing an afternoon workshop on Sunday 17th March from 1pm – 5pm, it’s £10 to come along, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.  You need to get in touch with me NOW about this so that you’re a part of the workshop. (email me – – to let me know you’re coming).

This is a workshop about not dropping your shit, about seeing opportunities and how simple piece by piece addition can make a scene which is complex, original and hilarious without working hard. It’s about making improvisation easy on yourself because the answer is already there. It’s about the beginnings of scenes, and how that can make the whole scene. No sweat.

Jules studied at UCL and the Guildhall school, where he first learnt to improvise, studying with Ken Rea. Since graduating, he has started the Nursery, a festival of new, devised and improvised theatre and Slapdash, London’s only festival of improvisation. He improvises musicals with Music Box and is the producer of Silly String Theory.

If you want to be there – get in touch today.  Limited number of places.


Whaddaya think?

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