Easter Bunny Funny – Improv Comedy Show Friday 29th March 2013

Good Friday? Great Friday.

MissImp_in_Action-SQThat time of the month is upon us once again. If you don’t find the prospect of the crucifixion sufficiently entertaining we offer you live improvised comedy instead. Guaranteed to have 100% fewer instruments of torture and painful death. We cannot guarantee that there will be no snow afterwards (though it would be nice to have a show this year like that).

So join us at The Glee Club this Friday for a thigh-slapping show filled with unplanned, unscripted skin of our pants, seat of our teeth improvisation playing games, scenes and nonsense just for you.

Get your tickets now! They’re a bit cheaper in advance, so go for it. Book it in. Make the weekend start well. Of course if you’re a student you’re laughing from the box office right up the stairs with £3 tickets!

The show is THIS FRIDAY.  You can book here.

This Month’s Team

Taking your suggestions and unravelling them in their mind’s eye(s?)  this month are Cat, Lloydie, Ben, Marilyn, Nick and David.

The Glee Club
Castle Wharf, Canal St, Nottingham
Doors open 8.00
Doors close 8.15
Show at 8.30
Tickets £6 on door (£4.50 in advance) / Students £3

Can’t remember what happened last month? Don’t worry, we have amnesia too. Here’s some stuff that definitely didn’t happen in February:

Your Lines Made… Special

Classy Shakespearean Action

Whaddaya think?

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