Improv Jam: Thursday 4th April 2013

This week’s jam: Testify and Justify

Important venue info:  This week we’re at 8 Stoney Street (opposite The Old Angel Pub) at 7.30pm.  Despite heating, it can get a little chilly so wrap up warm!

This week’s jam is run by: Lloydie.

This week’s jam we’re going to strip things back to basics.

It’s about grounding and justifying in your scenes.

We love going weird – and weird can be awesome, but until we know what normal is in a scene, it’s really hard for weird to work well for us.

So we are going to do some awesome, simple, funny scenes that build a recognisable reality.  When we start introducing something unusual, we will justify it.  We will take our audience with us on a comedic journey and we will win all of improv.

Sometimes people mistake “grounded” for “dull”.  Don’t.  Recognisable and grounded can and should be engaging and we will work on that too.

There will be lots of playtime, and this week there will be a little bit of side-coaching in the first half too.

Thursday 4th April

8 Stoney Street

Entry Price: £2

Whaddaya think?

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