Improv Jam: Thursday 25 April 2013

This week’s jam: Inspiration

Important venue info: This week we’re at 8 Stoney Street (opposite The Old Angel Pub) at 7.30pm. Despite heating, it can get a little chilly so wrap up warm!

InspirationThis week’s jam is run by: Parky

It’s me again this week, with the third in a series of recent jams working on the very basics of getting an open scene up and running. Two jams ago, Lloydie did a load of work about keeping scenes grounded and justifying your behaviour and your reaction to your scene partner. Last week, we did some basic ‘yes, and’ and ‘who, what, where’ exercises in order to give ourselves a firm foundation for everything that happens next in a scene.

This week, I want to concentrate on ‘inspiration’ for scenes.

How many times have you seen a scene where the players have been given a word and use it in the first line of dialogue?

“Your suggestion is ‘tortoise’.”

“Look! It’s a tortoise!”


The idea of a scene suggestion is that it inspires you: it’s not that you have to base your scene entirely on that suggestion. So, I’ll be doing some work with word association, using our imagination and trying to come up with scenes that don’t feature a large falling anvilesque ‘clang’ when the suggested word suddenly appears.

And, of course, inspiration is about providing support and help to your scene partner. As the picture above says, “to be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.” Will you be able to inspire your scene partner to brilliance?

There will be lots and lots of open scenes and some great circle activities. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of side-coaching also: it’s all about doing the best work we can.

Thursday 25th April

8 Stoney Street

Entry Price: £2

Whaddaya think?

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