Getting Out Of Our Heads

A great blog post by our friend Heather Urquhart. Well worth a read – we’re all different in how we improvise and how we think (or don’t) while improvising. Personally I can’t think while I improvise or it all goes horribly wrong. But if you do, is that a bad thing? Read on:

If you’re an improviser, chances are you’ve heard or used the expression ‘being too in your head’. In my experience this phrase normally has negative connotations. ‘Hey guys why wasn’t our show so great tonight?’ ‘We were too in our heads’ or ‘I totally froze in that scene, I way too up in my head’. Infact, if you’re a performer of any kind, then maybe you’ll also know what it feels like to be too ‘in your head’. But what does it mean and furthermore, does it always have to be a bad thing?

>>>> Getting Out Of Our Heads –  The Maydays Improv Comedy.

Getting Out Of Our Heads –  The Maydays Improv Comedy.

(L-R) Nick, Ben, Heather, Martin, Marilyn, Lloydie
from MissImp in Action April 2013

Whaddaya think?

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