Awesome Foursomes (and Assorted Ranting)

Some wise words about improv, the value of tight teamwork and figuring out what you want from our recently deceased* team mate Trilly.
*Not really, he’s just gone to London. Some say it’s the same thing.

Pseudocomic / Being Funny Doesn't Pay (Me)

Why the hiatus?

Honestly? Because I plain forgot this blog existed. Samuel Pepys I am not. I do see smoke coming from the vague direction of Westminster, though. Probably should tell someone.

I just completed ten weeks of longform and musical improv workshops with Katy Schutte and Jules Munns of the Maydays – which has been excellent for numerous reasons. I got to explore the Harold in more depth than I have before, which helped me understand it’s character as a form much better. I also got to flex the musical muscle too, which people were really quite nice about (perhaps not realising how much I’ve actually done before). On top of that, Katy and Jules are both great teachers with broad ranging experience, admirable approaches to improv and who know how to give concise, constructive feedback. If I could do it all again, well of course I bloody well…

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