Improv Jam: Thursday 5th September 2013

This week’s jam: Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?

 This week’s jam is run by David

It’s back! This Thursday is the return of “The Clean Jam”. No sex or bodily excreta jokes! Why? Because diversity that’s why.

Dick jokes are funny, sexual innuendos and puns are funny, various euphemisms for sexual organs are funny, poo and fart jokes are… juvenile.

We know at MissImp that we can do sex jokes. We are actually very good at it. It also helps us go forward in a scene. A sex joke in a scene where the audience is not laughing is a sure way to wake them up.  Same thing when you run out of ideas, go for smut, it’s got a good 80% chances of working.

The problem with all that, is that it is easy. Sometimes too easy and, eventually, our audience will realise that we often go for the obvious nob gag. Too much of a good thing can ruin it and too many sex jokes in improv can make all our carefully constructed stories seem kind of cheap. So having mastered the art of smut, it might be time to try something different.

The goal of this jam is to get away from what I call “the dick joke comfort zone” (DJCZ for short). On Thursday we’ll try to diversify our skillset and get inspiration away from the urogenital area. We’ll try to inspire ourselves from other things. Movie styles, things you have read, news stories and any ideas that our mundane life of living under “the man” can give us.

SO NO SEX REFERENCES AT ALL! Any scenes veering towards the sexual will be paused and restarted on a new track.

So that’s what is happening today, I hope to see you all!

Later gators.

Thursday 5th September

8 Stoney Street
Entry Price: £3

Whaddaya think?

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