Your biggest ever choice of comedy courses and shows in Nottingham

OpportunitiesOver the last few months we’ve seen a massive increase in interest in improvised comedy in Nottingham. We’ve had sellout shows, dozens of people attending our jams, courses and workshops and we’ve been invited to run a number of courses at several high profile venues across the city.

As MissImp continues to grow, we thought that it was vitally important to continue to offer as big a choice of opportunities as we could. Rather than simply holding a weekly jam and a show once a month, we felt it was important to offer a range of options in order that you could better choose the way you engage with improv.

The biggest choice of shows and workshops…ever

So, that’s why we’ve put together and recently announced the biggest choice of shows, courses and training opportunities that MissImp has ever offered. Between now and the end of the year there are multiple opportunities to perform, learn and, above all, have fun with improvisation. The August show was the first of many new ideas we have and we’re committed to giving you the widest choice of opportunities.

Can’t come to the jam every Thursday? Come to a Monday session instead. Want to learn more about the art? Come on one of our courses. Want to improve certain skills? Come to a workshop.

Book your workshop place nowMessing With A Friend in Nottingham

You have probably seen them already but our forthcoming shows are here and our forthcoming courses and workshops are here. And, if you’re a MissImp regular/member, you’ll get a significant discount on the price of the workshops, subsidised by the money we raise from show entry fees and the contribution everyone makes at the weekly jams. (There are also some lovely Early Bird discounts to take advantage of!) Book via the website or email with your details. The first workshop is soon (18 September) so get booking now!

If you have ideas for a show, a jam or a workshop, get in touch. Want to run a jam? Let us know. Know anyone who might want to come on a course or attend the jams? Bring ’em along.  We’re here to provide as much opportunity as we can for everyone.

Do take advantage of the opportunities that are available – and we hope to see you at a jam or show soon.

Whaddaya think?

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