MissImp in Action – Improv Comedy Show Friday 27th September 2013 at The Glee Club

Punch Autumn in the Funny Face

A Brave New World

MissImp_in_Action-SQ2We are massively excited to be back at The Glee Club in a few days time with the Nottingham Comedy Festival – you should be there too.

This show just gets more exciting, fresh and ingenious: we’re mutating, evolving and bulging unique comedy muscles that we’re keen to show off in front of you lovely folks.

A Unique Line Up

We are the only show in town bringing you a gorgeous blend of brand new improv comedy talent, some of whom have never graced a comedy stage with their faces before! And that’s just the start…

We give you short form comedy from Mayhem Improv playing games to make you laugh and torment the players. We follow that with quick fire lateral Marvels of Montage with familiar faces and uncommon wits.

In the second half your beloved Glee team give you an Assscat taking inspiration from stories and then finally, after a night of incomparable unpreparedness Unspeakable Acts present a film or play you know and love in a totally different way.

There’s nothing like improvised comedy – it’s unique and different every single time. You will NEVER see the same scene twice, so come along and enjoy comedy that is for your eyes only.

This month’s show is on Friday 27th September and you can book your tickets here.

Show Details

The Glee Club

Castle Wharf, Canal St, Nottingham
Doors open 8.00
Doors close 8.15
Show at 8.30
Tickets £6 on door (£4.50 in advance) / Students £3


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