Gorilla Burger – Improv Comedy Show – Thursday 12th December 2013

It’s Our Christmas Party

wpid-Gorilla-Burger2_SQ_SM.jpgWe’re at The Corner with Gorilla Burger this Thursday!

Our last show of the year and it’s one for everyone – you, yes you can get on stage (if you want) and shake your festive improv tailfeathers. We’ll also be interspersing the comedy with the (equally entertaining) MissImp Awards 2013, recognising brilliance and anything that anyone’s been nominated for.

Join us – even LeftLion says you should in their Pick of the Week. And they’re bound to be right, after all we live in the same building.

Bring your own drinks (yes – the boozy kind) and maybe a jumper and celebrate the death of December with MissImp.

Fill Up Your Christmas Stocking

Tickets just £4 on the door. You should BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE (coz there’s no bar).

Anyone can play. Put your name in the hat and come up and do a scene (or a shortform game if you’d prefer). We’ll pick names out of the hat and performers will get to try out playing with new people – or even playing for the very first time. No previous experience required.

Put Your Gorilla Burger Here:

12th December 2013

7:30pm (doors open 7pm)
The Corner
8 Stoney Street
Entry Price: £4
Minimum Age: 16
The venue is at the heart of the Creative Quarter, opposite the Old Angel pub.

Whaddaya think?

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