MissImp in Action – Improv Comedy Show Friday 31st January 2014 at The Glee Club

Celebrate the End of January With Us!

It can only get better.


Right, that’s January out of the way, we’re almost used to the new year now. Come and join us at The Glee Club this Friday. We’ve got a fabulous line up of fast-paced games, tomfoolery and wicked cleverness to sling your way. All you need to do is turn up and grab a drink.

We bring you entirely unplanned adventures, scenes, sketches, games and songs from the darkest depths of our imaginations. You give us the suggestions, we turn them inside out. We’re on in just a few days – and you can grab your tickets now.

Be brave and rejoice – we have all survived January!

We are the only show in town bringing you a gorgeous blend of seasoned old pros and brand new improv comedy talent. Nottingham is where it’s at.

There’s nothing like improvised comedy – it’s unique and different every single time. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER see the same scene twice, so come along and enjoy comedy that is for your eyes only.

This month’s show is on Friday 31st January. Book your tickets here and we’ll see you on Friday.

Show Details

The Glee Club
Castle Wharf, Canal St, Nottingham
Friday 31st January 2014
Doors open 8.00
Doors close 8.15
Show at 8.30
Tickets £6 on door (£4.50 in advance) / Students and MissImp members £3
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2 thoughts on “MissImp in Action – Improv Comedy Show Friday 31st January 2014 at The Glee Club

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