Improv Jam – 1 May 2014

This week’s jam: Hissing and Fizzing Like Snakes

This week’s jam is run by: ParkyI Love To Laugh

I don’t know about you but some weeks seem to pile more nonsense on your plate than others. I have a fair bit of work to do this week but have spent much of it pressure-washing paving stones, scouring state school league tables and dealing with the worst tenants I’ve ever had.

So, I’d really like this Thursday’s jam to cheer me up a bit. You know that bit in Mary Poppins where they all laugh like drains and float up to the ceiling? That’s what I’d like this week. Loads of fast, fun scenes which get quickly into the relationship and give us all plenty to giggle at. I’d like to be twittering like a bird alongside Dick van Dyke by 9.30pm, please.
If you’re prepared to get involved with open scenes, singing and general lunacy, then this week’s jam is for you!

Thursday 1 May 2014

7.30pm – 9.30pm

The Corner
8 Stoney St


Whaddaya think?

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