Improv Jam: Thursday 2 October 2014

This week’s jam: Eating An Ice Cream On A RollercoasterIce Cream Rollercoaster 2

This week’s improv jam is run by: Parky

This week we’re going to do something we have done before (but it was ace last time so let’s make it ace again).

Eating an ice cream is fun. Riding on a rollercoaster is also fun. Eating an ice cream whilst riding on a rollercoaster? Well, that’s not so easy.

When we play shortform ‘rollercoaster’ games – bad accents, film and theatre styles and so on – it’s easy to get stuck in the rules of the game. All your brain is thinking about are the limits and restrictions that have been imposed on you. But, these games are invariably better when you manage to keep the narrative of your scene going. Don’t repeat everything you’ve said already in a different accent: carry on your scene in Flemish or Norwegian.

So, this week it’s a lot of your favourite short form games – but we’ll be trying to concentrate on developing your scene, keeping your character traits and retaining the story of the scene even though you’re switching from pantomime to Japanese anime. Should be fun, right?

Thursday 2nd October

The Corner
8 Stoney Street
Entry Price: £3

Whaddaya think?

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