MissImp in Action – Friday 31 October – Hallowe’en Improv Comedy Show

This Friday – MissImp’s Raising The Dead

Nottingham’s only monthly improv comedy show

Friday 31st October at The Glee Club

MissImp_In_Action 2014
It is time to exorcise our comedy demons: Parky, Marilyn, Eddie, Martin, Nick and Jamie are ready to delve into the depths of their tainted souls and vomit forth the beast-laced thoughts within. We bring you entirely unplanned adventures, scenes, sketches, games and songs that even Azatoth the Nameless would fear.

This only happens this Friday – it’s different every time and you can be there for All Hallows Improv. Just £3 for NUS and scarcely more than that if you’re lucky enough to have gainful employment. Drinks, seats and comedy are just some of the treats in store for you.

The Glee Club
Friday 31st October 2014
Doors open 8.00, Doors close 8.15, Show at 8.30
Castle Wharf, Canal St, Nottingham
Tickets: £6.00 (£4.50 online) / £3.00 concs.

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