Improv Jam – Thursday 22 January 2015

This week’s jam: Feeelings!

This week’s master of jamremonies is Ben.

Feelings! We all have them, some of us are better at expressing them than others – same is true of people and the characters we play in improv. This week we are going to be looking at the dramatic and theatrical aspects of Improv especially. But fret not comedy fans, emotion is also a great way to bring out comedy in our scenes whilst grounding our characters.

In this jam we are going into full on emotional overdrive including such things as gurning, grotesqueprov, cartoon improv as well as playing on different levels of emotion and riding emotional roller coasters. There will be more feelings in this jam than in a therapist’s office. We will end with a load of scenes. Your Thursday night will be funny and dramatic.

Thursday 22nd January 2015

7.30pm – 9.30pm
The Corner
8 Stoney St

Whaddaya think?

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