MissImp in Action – Improv Comedy Show Friday 27th February 2015 at The Glee Club

High Five for February


It’s that time of the month again – it’s time for on stage action with neither script, censorship or serious intent. We give you Marilyn, Ben, Martin, Colin, Parky and Nick to delight and invigorate your minds.

Our show is a vigorously blended puree of theatre, drama and comedy, garnished with questionable sanity and poured into a comfortable glass. We bring you entirely unplanned adventures, scenes, sketches, games and songs from the darkest depths of our imaginations. You give us the suggestions for every scene and we filter them through our mind engines before setting them upon you. Don’t delay – seize your tickets today .

This month’s show is on Friday 27th February. Book your tickets here and we’ll warm your seats for Friday.

Show Details

The Glee Club
Castle Wharf, Canal St, Nottingham
Friday 27 February 2015
Doors open 8.00
Doors close 8.15
Show at 8.30
Tickets £6 on door (£4.50 in advance) / Students and MissImp members £3
Book Now

Hunt down a 2-4-1 flyer in town and um, get in two for the price of one:

2-4-1 Flyers

Whaddaya think?

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