Improv Jam – Thursday 28 May 2015

This week’s jam: A Million Voices

This week’s jam is brought to you by: Parky

We shall be doing two things at this weeks lovely improv session (it’s open to anyone and so if you’ve not been before or have no experience, do come along).

Firstly, we’ll be looking at the nature of inspiration. It’s easy to open a scene with a line containing the word given as your inspiration but it’s much more fun if you do something oblique or interesting with the word.

If someone suggests an apple, don’t eat an apple and say “What a lovely apple this is!” Take a split second to work out what the word ‘apple’ means to you and then do your scene in New York or be two engineers trying to develop a new algorithm for iTunes.

Secondly, we’ll be then doing a lot of scenes based on inspiration from one of the biggest TV shows of the year. I’ll randomly spin this year’s Eurovision Song Contest CDs and your inspiration will either be a nationality, a strange foreign name or a song title. For example, you may get Portugal’s Leonor Andrade with “Ha um mar que nos separa“. Rich pickings.


Thursday 28th May 2015

7.30pm – 9.30pm
The Corner
8 Stoney St

Whaddaya think?

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