Two awesome improv comedy theatre shows in Nottingham this week!

Two Shows? It’s All Made Up.

Thursday 14 April: Our regular monthly show where we invite anyone to take part has moved to the incredibly salubrious Malt Cross. Watch or perform – it’s entirely up to you.

Friday 15 April: The UK’s longest established two-prov night returns at The Ned Ludd. Featuring wondrous MissImp performers, with the super-talented The Homunuclus from London as our headline act.

Gorilla Burger: Live Improvised Comedy Carnage

Join the MissImp mob on stage whether you’ve played before or not. Hugely supportive and tons of fun this is a delightful way for you to experience improvised comedy.

If you want to play we’ll put your name in a hat and when it’s drawn, you take to the stage to play games, perform scenes and have fun.

Or you can just sit back, enjoy an evening of unplanned, uncensored improv comedy theatre with a pint from the marvellous bar upstairs.

The Malt Cross
16 St James’s Street
Thursday 14 April
7.30pm –
tickets on the door £5/£3

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Consenting Partners – Two-Person Improvised Comedy Theatre


Pairs of performers take suggestions from the audience and wreak theatrical novelties.

Featuring Segue (Lloydie & Parky), Atomic Budgerigar (Marilyn & Nick) and special guests The Homunculus!

The Homunculus won C3467X’s Improv 5-a-side in 2014 and were marked out as an Official Selection at the Copenhagen International Improv Festival 2015.

The Ned Ludd
27 Friar Lane
Friday 15 April
8.00pm –
tickets on the door £5/£3

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