Improv Jam – Thursday 2 June 2016

This week’s jam: Scrap the Start

This week’s improv jam is brought to you by: Parky

Lots of improv scenes start at the beginning. “Hello, Derek.” “How are you today?” “You’re looking lovely in that azure tutu.” Many scenes get bogged down in a couple of minutes of fairly boring chit-chat as two people meet and become reacquainted.

It’s a bit like watching a quiz show on television. You’re not all that interested in what Mary from Redditch gets up to when she’s not manning the reception desk in a used car showroom . You want them to crack on and get to the good bit where she demonstrates how useless she is by failing to correctly name the capital of Norway with £5,000 at stake.

This week, we’re going to dip straight into the interesting and important bit of the scenes. None of this boring establishing nonsense – we’re going to start the scenes as if they have already been going on for a couple of minutes when we join them. This means you already know your scene partner, you’ve already established loads of information and we can watch the two of you ‘yes, and’ each other in interesting and funny ways.

This will be policed hard, so any boring ‘who are you?’ statements will be met with the clanging chime of doom.

Thursday 2 June 2016

7.30 – 9.30pm
The Malt Cross
16 St James’s St
Find it!
£5 / 3 concessions

Whaddaya think?

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