It’s a Double Show Week! Gorilla Burger and Consenting Partners!

Double Trouble, Two’s Company and other cliches don’t really describe the joy this week brings. First up – the regular random chaotic genius that is Gorilla Burger, followed on Saturday by the fractionally more refined and theatrical Consenting Partners. Both are awesome, which one will win? There’s only one way to find out…

Gorilla Burger: Show Off or Watch the Show

Get up on stage, get matched with a selection of other performers and get it on (theatrically! Honestly, it’s not really that kind of show). This is improvised comedy theatre and together we’ll be brilliant.

All you have to do is stick your name in the hat – the receptacle of randomness – and you’ll be drawn, partnered and slung on stage. Your choice of game or scene will guide you in an episode of spontaneous theatre.

Of course, you don’t have to give us your name. You can remain happily anonymous in the audience, settle back with a pint and enjoy the show.

It’s probably the best mash up of cleverness, silliness, drinking and theatre you’ll find.

*Don’t forget that this month we’re in the salubrious surroundings supplied by the Ned Ludd’s upstairs space.

FB_event_GorillaBurger_v1The Ned Ludd
27 Friar Lane
7.30pm – the show starts at 7.45pm.
Tickets on the door £5/£3

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Consenting Partners – Two Person Improv Comedy

The longest established two-person improv show in the UK is back.Consenting Partners is MissImp’s two-prov night and this month’s line-up combines new pairings and established duos.

Headlining this month:
Two Seats Four Cheeks
(Jenny Rowe and Lloydie James Lloyd) “They can be summed up in one word – brilliant” – Daily Fringe, Barnstaple.

Plus performances from veteran Nottingham improvisers Atomic Budgerigar (Marilyn Ann Bird and Nick Tyler) and SHAMAI (Super Hyper Awesome Manga Anime Improv) the new pairing of Ben Macpherson and Liam Webber with a two-prov tribute to anime!

Brace yourself for a series of short two-person improvised comedy pieces – hilarity, surprise and weirdness will fall from their theatrical performances.

ConsentingPartners3The Ned Ludd
27 Friar Lane
Tickets on the door £5/£3

Join the Facebook event

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