Millions of Voices: The Improvised Star Wars Show at Nottingham Playhouse 24 June 2017

Star Wars is 40 years old today, but for most of us it’s as fresh, gorgeous and stunning as ever. But we’ve still never found out what happened on Alderaan before it was destroyed! We plan to change that. On 24 June we’re bringing Millions of Voices: The Improvised Star Wars Show back to Nottingham Playhouse.

Alderaan is under threat of destruction by the evil Empire. Blissfully unaware of their fate, Alderaan’s people carry on with their daily lives, plots, adventures and romances. These are their stories…

“A fun filled hour of geeky entertainment.
– Midlands Improv

“The bright centre of the universe.”
– Nottingham Comedy Reviews

“Better than The Phantom Menace.”
– Everyone who has seen Star Wars Episode I

Notts TV’s ace reporter Richard Minkley was kind enough to join as in rehearsal this week – find out more in the video below! Or watch it at Notts TV.

Feel the Force! We sold out last time we were at the Nottingham Playhouse, so there’s no better time to join the Rebellion.

Nottingham Playhouse
Neville Studio
Wellington Circus
7.30pm £10/£8
Online: Box Office
Phone:  0115 9474363
Find it!
Join the Facebook event

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