Audition for MissImp’s Female Improv Troupe!

Auditions for MissImp’s newest performance troupe will be held on the 13th of November 2017, at 19:30 upstairs at the Angel Microbrewery, with Emily Brady (Rhymes Against Humanity).

An all-female Harold team, we will be focused on relationship-driven long-form improv. By using the Harold structure, we will explore characters, delve into relationships, and create entire universes using just our imaginations. Natural, emotional choices and commitment are the name of the game! We’re looking for supportive, bold improvisers who can fully commit to a scene (and aren’t afraid to look a bit silly doing so). Above all else, focusing on relationships and emotions will be what drives forward our scenes.Improvisers of all experience are encouraged to audition – we’re looking for a team that gels well together, not individuals with impressive CVs. Members of other MissImp troupes will be able to audition as the rehearsals will not clash. More information on the rehearsal process will be provided in the audition. The audition itself will not deal with the Harold structure directly, but if you want to read more then a solid definition can be found here:

This audition is for the core troupe, however there is scope for invited guest performers to also be involved. It is advised that auditionees wear comfortable clothing. If you are unable to make the auditions but are keen to be involved then please get in contact and we can see if anything can be sorted!

Please be aware that as this is an all-women troupe, men will not be considered at the audition, however there will be opportunity for later involvement!

Check out the Facebook event.

If you have any questions, queries or comments, please direct them to us using the contact form below:

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