MissImp and Friends at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2018!

February is cold and miserable, right? WRONG! MissImp is bringing some fantastic shows to the Leicester Comedy Festival, and some of our chums are out too! Take a look at what we’ll be hitting Leicester with! Snap up those tickets before they all vanish…


Rhymes Against Humanity

MissImp’s own musical team is bringing their unique brand of improvised insanity to Leicester! What Andrew Lloyd Webber has years to work on these performers must perform instantly, with no scripts, no conferring, no pre-planning, just totally spontaneous musical madness! The genius minds of such hit musicals as “Cannibals In Love”, “Techno Dancing Queen” and “It Came From The Gunge Tanks In The Abandoned Nickelodeon Studios” reunite to create an hour-long musical complete with characters, storylines, music and choreography.

8th February | 20:30 | Upstairs at the Western | 70 Western Road, Leicester | http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/rhymes-against-humanity-musical-improvised-comedy/


The Clones

Witness the incredible, as improvised duo THE CLONES take to the stage. With no script, no staging, and only a pair of chairs for a set, they spin a simple audience suggestion into a hilarious, spontaneous show. Plots and sub-plots galore, and a whole cast of characters effortlessly juggled by the two improvisers. This is comedy theatre like you’ve never seen it before. You will laugh, you may cry… Who knows what’ll happen? They sure don’t. Join two of the Midland’s best improvisers – Lloydie James Lloyd (The Maydays/Rhymes Against Humanity) and Liam Webber (“Extraordinary Performer” -The Scotsman) – for an hour of improvised wonder!

22nd February | 19:00 | Upstairs at the Western | 70 Western Road, Leicester | http://comedy-festival.co.uk/tickets/the-clones-an-improvised-show/


The Fall of Byron Montrose; Poet, Gentleman, Lover

Ben Macpherson (The Vox Pops, Millions of Voices) will be taking to the stage as his lyrical alter-ego, Byron Montrose.

Don Juan meets Milton Jones in the pun filled Adventure; Byron has delighted sell-out crowds at the Nottingham Comedy Festival, the Student Fringe Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe. The fall of Byron Montrose tells the tale of a lost romantic poet as he deals with love, opium and Napoleon. A Daring story of exile, lust and laudanum. From one of Nottingham’s most promising comedians, The Fall of Byron Montrose; Poet, Gentleman, Lover is silly, witty and just a little bit naughty.

23rd February | 20:30 | Upstairs at the Western | 70 Western Road, Leicester | http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/the-fall-of-byron-montrose-poet-gentleman-lover/


Happily Never After

If Rhymes Against Humanity got you craving more musicals, more improv, and more Lloydie James Lloyd, then look no further than the smash-hit Happily Never After. Award-winning improvisers The Maydays present this skin-prickling tale full of black comedy and haunting music, inspired by the warped imaginations of Tim Burton, Lemony Snicket and the Brothers Grimm. Starting with your suggestion, The Maydays take you on a bone-chilling journey, meeting the grotesque and the innocent, weaving a fantastical story that’s different every time.

16th February | 20:00 | Just the Tonic – Leicester | 54 Belvoir Street | http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/happily-never-after/

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