Some of our frequently asked questions!

What is Missimp?

Missimp is based in Nottingham and is the longest running open-to-all improvised theatre group in the UK! Since we started in 1998, we have put on shows, taught courses, and held weekly drop-ins where you can come have a crack at improv in a fun, friendly, supportive environment!

What is Improv?

Improv or impro is short for “improvisation”, which is a fancy way of saying we make things up! From short scenes and fun drama games, to entire stories, shows, and even now whole musicals – we go onto stage with nothing and make it all up from there.

It’s completely unique in that no two performances will ever be the same – it’s completely different every time!

Is it Difficult?

No! In fact, having the guts to get on stage in the first place tends to be the thing people find hardest.
Improv works on a couple of simple ideas: we listen to our scene partner and build our scene together with them. If you can do that (and we’re yet to meet someone who can’t), you’ll start to have a whole lot of fun every time you step onto stage!

How do I get involved?

Easy! You have 3 options:

Want to jump straight in?

Come to a Drop-in session!

Want to see how it’s done first?

Come to see one of our regular shows!

Want to learn the skills before you take to the stage?

Come to one of our “Intro to Improv” courses!

There’s no right or wrong way to start off, everyone’s different, so pick the way that suits you best and come along and start making stuff up!

If you have any more questions, please drop us a message through the contact us page!