BenBen has been improvising since 2011 and has been a member of Missimp since January 2012. Ben is currently coach and a founding member of The Vox Pops and during his time with Missimp has been showrunner for Missimp’s Glee club residency, a member of the Fisticuffs team and performer at Nottingham Playhouse.

Ben has trained with improvisers from around the world including teachers from Second City, iO, UCB and the Annoyance. In the UK Ben has trained with the Maydays and The Nursery Theatre.

Outside of MissImp, Ben has also been Creative Director of the University of Nottingham’s Improv Society and performance consultant to the Red Herrings. He is also a standup and character comedian, creating sellout shows like “The Fall of Byron Montrose; Poet, Gentleman, Lover” and “The 48 Hour Sketch Show.”