Catherine “Cat” Clarke is a respectable adult literacy tutor by day, decadent stage-thing by night.  She joined MissImp in 2008 and, as a born egocentric show-off, experienced no trouble at all fitting in with the gang.  She occasionally does a bit of “proper” acting on the side, most recently appearing in “Sweeney Todd” at the Lace Market Theatre, Nottingham and “HR’d Day’s Night” as part of Nottingham Comedy Festival at Nottingham Arts Theatre.  She was brilliant in both but do bear in mind, this bio has been penned by her writing about herself in the third person.

So what’s the draw of improv for Catherine?  Maybe it’s the absurd flights of fancy not so common in other forms of comedy; the punk rock ethos of just getting up and doing it; the camaraderie; the huge demand on brain and body to work in unison at the top of their game; the frickin’ catharsis, man!

Oh dear.

Potty-mouthed Cat is also a writer (oh dear, oh dear).  She can often be found schlepping her weird wares around poetry nights in Nottingham and Derby.  Be warned – she memorises her poems and does not mumble with her nose buried in a scrap of paper so if you don’t like eye contact, KEEP AWAY!  She has also written a novel for young adults, “Astrobel”, (which she is in the process of sending out to agents) and several complaint letters to her local supermarket about other shoppers walking too slowly.

Her two great loves are the countryside and wildlife of Derbyshire (she grew up in Nottinghamshire so, natch) and science fiction.  She has been involved with local festival of SF, horror and fantasy writing, Alt. Fiction, since its inception and she is probably one of the only people on the planet who would enjoy seeing Betelgeuse blow up in their lifetime.

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