In the far mists of time (around 2006) Charlotte was visited in her dreams by the incarnation of Sven, the Norse God of Scene Resolution. ‘

You are the chosen one’, he told her. ‘Only you can fulfil the role of Resident Token Antipodean in the divine workshops of Improv Jam. That is, unless you know someone else from your country that does improv that would like to join. They’d probably be fine as well’.

Despite atheism and the fact that he never called her back in the morning, Charlotte was moved enough to oblige and since then has been a regular at the MissImp jams and shows and even taken the odd workshop (although she gave it back afterwards and the charges were dropped).

Charlotte started improvised comedy about 9 years ago at her old university in New Zealand where she also used to do acting-type stuff for the university drama society and get involved in sketch comedy shows (most commonly in the role of ‘token  woman’).

When she’s not involved in improv, she’s a grad student, so spends a lot of time getting involved in philosophical arguments or trying to run away from them. She also acts as a teaching assistant, something which she enjoys immensely although may need to give up since, having recently submitted her PhD thesis, she’s currently on the market for a ‘real’ job.