Age: 31

Level 10 Molecular Physiologist, Level 3 Ice Ninja

Finishing Combo: Grizzly Bear Yukon-Head butt

Finishing Combo (alternate): Biochemistry Lecture Blizzard of Boredomeness

Rating: Awesome


David was born in the province of Quebec in the vibrant, ever expanding, always exciting country of Canada. David grew up in a typical family (his mom is a killer-whale hunter and his dad a cowboy), in a 3-bedroom igloo with baby seal blubber powered central heating.

After completing his mandatory 3 years Ice-Ninja weapons and tactics training (required by law of every Canadian citizen who reach their majority) where he specialized in bare-chested grizzly bear-style kung-fu, David enrolled at McGill university (Montreal) where he obtained his bachelor’s degree (Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Neurobiology). Somewhat masochistically, David continued on the academic path to eventually obtain his master’s degree (biochemistry) from Universite de Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and his doctorate in molecular physiology from Universite de Nantes (Loire-Atlantique, France). You can read about his research here, here and here.

During his post-graduate years, David was member of the Montreal “troupe du Farfadet” improv group. An improv group remarkable mostly by the fact that the group existed for about 6 months, until the bar where they were performing in closed down and was converted into a Tim Horton’s (Canada’s version of Dunkin Donut). He was also member for 3 years of the semi-pro improv group “La Troupe du Malin”  where he did awesome theatre-sport and experimental improv with a bunch of French people who were, amazingly, very nice.

David eventually made his way to the UK, lured (under false pretences, it turned out later) by the promise of a pierced, tattooed, gothicky-alterno scholarly she-devil (David’s only weakness). He joined MissImp in September of 2008 and has been having a blast improvising, misunderstanding suggestions from the audience, being oblivious to UK-specific cultural references and mangling the English language on stage with the delightful members of MissImp ever since.

David’s pastimes include bare-chested bear wrestling in the snow, snow-snorkelling, tomahawk carving, buffalo riding, long romantic walks on the (frozen) sea and clubbing baby seals to death (also eating them).