Back in the mists of time, 2010, I stumbled upon a strange yet inviting place.  Going by the name of the Arts Organisation, it seemed to have little about it that was organised but plenty that was artsy.  Safely sat with a cup of their finest minty-badger flavoured tea, I sat enthralled by a group of improv performers the like of which I had never seen before.  Being the sadomasochistic type, I figured I’d join them, and the rest as they say, has been fun.

As well as improvisation, I have been in seven shows in the West End of London, including surviving eighteen months of Joseph And His (not all that) Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, and being killed nightly by my own brother in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers.  I also spent a curious three months at English National Opera and once, at the age of eight, wrote and performed a play with my brother entitled ‘Michael Jackson is killed by Tina Turner’ – prophetic?  I should damn well say so.

I am also a theatre director, including productions at Greenwich Playhouse, Nottingham Theatre Royal, Nottingham Playhouse and Jermyn Street Theatre.  I am occasionally a lecturer in Shakespeare and Musical Theatre.

All this is of course irrelevant when standing on a lonely improv stage, faced by an expectant audience, having come up with a starting suggestion of ‘cub scout leader feeling lecherous at a conference full of cub scouts’.