Martin has been a regular player in the Missimp shows since mid-2009.  He also attends Pub Poetry Nottingham, where he tells lies and makes reference to parts of the body.  He has the theatre in his blood, but audience numbers have steadily been dropping after his inferior vena cava hosted Peter Brook’s theatre-of-cruelty reworking of Mamma Mia.

In real life he is an educator and part-time skeptic with a k.  His linguistic researches have moved leading academics to such observations as “Oh”, “Which one are you again?”, and “Get off my foot”.

Martin does not come from a typical performance background.  The result of an unholy union between a she-boar and Haxii, son of the West Wind, he is the Fatekeeper of the Gem of Ulgoth-Xan, one of the Twelve Things of Destiny created by the Witchlord Thorthorth of Marl during the Second Spellwar.  Martin keeps guard over the Gem until the Destined One, the one foretold by the Sagemagister Lunqob – the one who bears the Destinymark of the Were-Alchemists – passes the Test of Chard.  Only then will the Twelve Things be released and their eldritch secrets unlocked; unless, that is, Unkraav the Vexator, exiled Badmage of Leem, encompasses the Rite of Moklok and gains the power to scrape the Ur-Cruft from the inner surface of the Bismuth Globe from which Destiny itself was birthed in the Time of Crouching.

Will the one who was foretold pass the test and come to the Knowledgement of Destiny before Destiny itself is erased from the Universe?  What of the Six Badmages imprisoned in the Realm of Iron and Wool?  And who is the mysterious Shadeshadow?  The answers to these questions lie within you.