Nick’s been involved in MissImp since about 2003 as performer, teacher and organiser.

Commonly found as MissImp’s front man at The Glee Club being the “wide-eyed… energetic and uplifting compere” as well as in other shows. Nick hosts the MissImp podcast with Lloydie and spends way too much time with other MissImpers; some deviation has resulted.

Nick has taken instruction wherever possible and likes to give credit to all sorts of people outside MissImp including Kevin Tomlinson, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Baby Wants Candy and Heather & Joe from The Maydays.

Life beyond improvised comedy? Well, there’s some…

Nick lives with Marilyn and an awesomely cute ginger cat called Merly. He writes, does improv, and reads a lot. He’s got some job thing but who gives a damn about that? He would love to do improv full time. Wanna say hi? Go for it. Nick’s other main obsession, besides moustache maintenance, cats, robots, seething anger, toys, books, shiny things, Pub Poetry, whiskey, rum and many other things are pirates. Nick’s stories can be found at