Refugee from “That London” turned long-term Nottingham resident, Trilly is a newcomer to MissImp.

Trilly’s experiences and interests are various, amorphous and frequently loud. He can occasionally be seen performing his own unreasonably verbose acoustic-pop paeans at open mic nights around Nottingham.

Otherwise he is a ‘doer-of-things-he-wants-to-do-that-day’ – an unfeasibly long list that includes writing fiction, playing/designing games, tangential ranting and being simultaneously vivified and terrified by the overwhelming improbability of his existence. Ironically, he does all of these things out of a mortal fear of wasting time.

He joined MissImp because ‘Whose Line…’ seemed like far too fun a game not to be playing.

He wants to write a comic one day, because he thinks they’re an awesome medium to write for (he is by far not the only person his age to think this).

Between having to spell/pronounce/explain the meaning of/apologise for his full name over the telephone, he drinks inordinate amounts of tea.

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