Improv Drop-In: Thursday 21 June 2018

This week’s drop-in: 5 Tricks for Getting Unstuck

Brought to you by Benedetta.

Just like a fat little bear, enjoying playing about in our improv scenes, sometimes we find we’ve had too much honey and are now stuck in a hole.  A hole made of… confusion? These are terrible metaphors, but to go further – opening another jar of honey is like adding even more information to an already well-filled scene. And once you’re mired in the sweet stuff, it can be hard to ungloop yourself.

This week Benedetta will offer five tips for getting yourself out of a hole in an improv scene. These are of course, equivalents to getting a rabbit to kick you in the arse until a small child nearly tears off your arms from the other side. Lots of scenes and exercises!

Thursday 21 June 2018
7.30 – 9.30pm | £5 / 3 concessions
The Malt Cross (downstairs in the workshop)
16 St James’s St | Nottingham | NG1 6FG


Order! The Improvised Pirate Trial – Saturday 16th June 2018

Order! The Improvised Pirate Trial

Saturday 16th June 2018

Gaargh, ye scurvy dogs! There’s an improvised pirate trial every half hour from 11.30am-3.30pm at the Furthest From the Sea Festival in Derby! We’re taking our sell-out show from the National Justice Museum onto the high seas this weekend. Completely family and pirate friendly, we’re delighted to be rocking a big tent in Derby Market Place!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said?
What’s the most guilty you’ve ever felt?

Join us in Derby for Order!  Based on your confession, we’ll put a pirate on trial for YOUR crimes. Maybe you untied someone’s hammock… Perhaps you called the captain a rude word… The performers won’t know their crime until they get to the dock, and the judge doesn’t know the punishment.

Each trial is a unique and hilarious experience, never to be seen again after the audience decides the fate of the poor defendant.

On Saturday 16th June, Derby comes alive with creativity at the annual Furthest from the Sea Music, Comedy & Arts Festival, taking place between 11am and 4pm on the Market Place in Cathedral Quarter Derby 

Showcasing and celebrating the diverse local arts scene, the festival aims to encourage people of all ages to get involved and discover everything Derbyshire has to offer through a series of interactive workshops, family friendly performances and newly commissioned street theatre. 

Furthest From the Sea Festival
Market Place | Cathedral Quarter | Derby | DE1 3
11am – 4pm | FREE

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Gorilla Burger – Improvised Comedy Carnage – Thursday 14 June 2018

Do A Cool Thing

If you’ve ever watched an improv show and wondered “how hard could it possibly be”, this is the perfect opportunity to answer that question for yourself.

Gird your nerves with a pint and present yourself downstairs at the Malt Cross this Thursday for Gorilla Burger. You’ll be inducted into the heart of a sacred ritual evening, which begins with writing your name on a bit of paper and chucking it in a hat. Soon, the ceremony show will begin! Names will be drawn and randomly assigned to perform scenes and games, and you’ll be sacrificed find yourself on stage with other wonderful people, doing funny and amazing things.

Gorilla Burger is a super-chilled evening of improvised comedy belowstairs at the Malt Cross, on the second Thursday each month, ideal for new performers and old, cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd of pals.

New to improvised comedy? No worries. We promise you’ll have a great time. Of course, you don’t have to perform! You can remain happily anonymous in the audience, settle back with a pint, and enjoy the show.

Note – there’s a rehearsal for Order! The Pirate Trial right before Gorilla Burger, so don’t be alarmed at the sight of a trial in progress when you arrive…

Thursday 14 June
The Malt Cross

(downstairs in the workshop space)
16 St James’s Street
7.30pm (show starts 7.45)
Tickets on the door £5/£3
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Code of Conduct


ORDER! The Improvised Pirate Trials @ Furthest From the Sea Festival | Derby | Saturday 16 June

Improv Drop-In: Thursday 7 June 2018

This week’s drop-in: All the Shortcuts

Brought to you by Liam.

There is no map for an improv scene, but that’s OK, because map metaphors are really annoying. That said, there’s always a new direction to take in a scene, and often it’s looking back at the road you’ve travelled down to see if you missed something cool off in a field a few minutes ago. Dammit. Those map metaphors might actually be useful…

Today’s session will be all about the different routes we can use to get out of a pickle and into the good stuff. We’ll be looking at what to do when your scene’s gone off the boil and you want to get it back!

(Ignore the fact that American Werewolf in London is more the perils of taking shortcuts, but that’s a horror film, and this is improv. There probably won’t be werewolves at the drop-in tonight.)

Thursday 7 June 2018
7.30 – 9.30pm | £5 / 3 concessions
The Malt Cross (downstairs in the workshop)
16 St James’s St | Nottingham | NG1 6FG

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Find Us
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Gorilla Burger – Thursday 14 June @ Malt Cross

No Improv Drop-In: Thursday 31 May 2018 – Social Instead!

This week’s drop-in social: A Mayan Adventure

Brought to you by Ben.

This week we are taking a break from our usual drop-ins (absolutely, definitely not because our room has been double-booked, nosirree) and having a nice chilled out social instead. Nothing says chilled out like whacking a ball through Mayan ruins. That’s right, minigolf! So meet at the Cornerhouse for 7:30 for good company and a good pub afterwards.
We have to quote from their website, because it is amuse:

Perfect for budding explorers and adventurers of all ages, The Lost City houses two separate 18 hole indoor adventure golf courses – The Sacred Skull Pass and The Temple Trail!

Experience the challenge of playing amid a thunder and lightning storm on our “carpeted” greens, risking our venomous snake and alligator, talking idols and crumbling walls. Both courses have been designed to be wheelchair user friendly so all adventurers can play! Plus, if you can keep a steady nerve to the end and satisfy our Sacred Skull or Temple God – much Inca Gold will come your way…

So yeah – that’s Thursday! Do note that golfing will cost £8 per head.

Thursday 31 May 2018
7.30pm | £8 per head for le golf sportif
The Lost City Adventure Golf (basically the cellar)
The Cornerhouse | Burton St | Nottingham | NG1 4DB

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Smash Night! Wednesday 30th May @ The Angel Microbrewery