The history of MissImp is mostly lost in the mists of time, but from that damp barrier we have managed to extract some key facts.: originally formed as Mission: Improbable way back in 1998 under the guidance of local writer and performer Andy Barrett as a Nottingham County Council Next Stage project. The team performed improv comedy in pub and club venues around Nottingham and nearby arts festivals for several years. The current line-up is utterly changed, except for Geoff – our only surviving founder member.

Early in the thrilling new millennium many key players moved to far away cities where they claimed to be “happy” and occasionally married. The crisis of numbers led to the weekly jam workshops which started at the Nottingham Arts Theatre in 2005 and moved to the Nottingham Art Organisation in 2008.

We play a combination of short form improv theatre sports games (like those seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and a range of medium form and group games. That’s a bit technical, but to put it simply we take your suggestions, detach our brains and see where it takes us. The results are a fantastic combination of clever, silly, witty, weird, potentially offensive, always surprising and never dull.

Since then the jams have proven an extremely popular weekly activity, gaining new members and performers until we felt ready to face an audience more regularly. Our first monthly show at the Art Organisation was in December 2008 and apart from agonising hindsight we have never looked back.

The monthly shows continue on the last Friday of every month, and have now become a residency at The Glee Club in Nottingham.

This is what a show looks like:

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(From The Day After Improv – Carl, Catherine, Lloydie, Marilyn, Martin, Nick. Compered by David.)