Advanced Pick ‘N’ Mix

How Our Level 3 Works

There will be a number of courses open to you after you have completed our improv fundamentals in Level 1 and Level 2. Once you have completed Level 2 you can opt for any course advertised as a ‘Level 3’ course and each will cover a different area of improvised comedy theatre.

As well as our in-house Level 3 courses, over the course of the year we get a variety of wonderful improv teachers from around the world to do one-off workshops and classes.

Level 3 – Voice, Style and Freedom

When you develop as an improviser you begin to learn about your unique style of play. This four-week course will look at improv archetypes, your own style and how that feeds into scenework and different forms.

The form you are playing can often dictate which rules you need to pay attention to and which rules are less useful in that situation.

This course will feature personal notes to help you develop your voice as a performer.

In this four-week Level 3 course you will learn:

  • What different improv rules help you to achieve
  • Which improv archetypes fit best with you
  • How your style fits with some of the main forms in improv
  • How to “break” rules without screwing over your scene partner

Course Dates

8th May, 15th May, 23rd May, 5th June 2017 (we will not meet on 30th May as it is a bank holiday)
Classes will run 7pm – 10pm
Location: Central Nottingham
Instructor: Lloydie

Cost: Only £65 if you book/pay by Tuesday 2th May (£85 thereafter)
Class size: 14

Prerequisites: You must have completed Level 2 or play on a MissImp house team.


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