Intro to Improv

This is our introduction to the wonderful world of improvised comedy theatre! Complete beginners are more that welcome – you don’t need experience in improv, acting, comedy, or performing! You don’t need to be “funny”, witty, or clever either – you just need to turn up ready to jump in and have fun!

Each class starts with a fun, silly warm-up!

We pride ourselves on creating a fun, friendly, and supportive atmosphere for our courses, so you feel at ease to learn, play, and be yourself from the moment you step in the door!

Improv’s not about one person, it’s about working as a team to create something together (and have the best time doing it)!


October 2017
One of our wonderful Level One classes!

Over the course, you will focus on the different skills that make up an improvisers tool-belt – from active listening and co-operating with teammates, to the basics of stagecraft and the fabled yes, and, all the while building confidence and having a whole lot of fun!

This course is perfect if you want to explore and pursue improv further, or if you just want to take a chance on learning something different and having a lot of fun!

Our course having a great time!

Not only will this course give you the building blocks for for this wonderful growing artform, but many people have found the skills we work on in class (like public speaking, listening, teamwork, social skills, etc) really help out there in the big wide world! Check out what they’ve said in our Testimonials!


Course Dates

Intensive Weekend – November 2018

Classes will run:
Saturday 24th November: 11am – 5pm
Sunday 25th November 11am – 5pm

Instructor(s): Emily Brady & Nick Tyler
Cost: £120 (£105 early bird)
Class size: 12 maximum
Terms & Conditions

Early bird deadline: 1st November
Full Scholarship deadline: 1st November

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